Monday, 1 September 2014

Summer is Here

So it was truly hot out a couple of weeks back when we initially moved into the house, then it got colder once more (which I cherished!) and now it appears as though summer is setting down deep roots. I sort of psyche in light of the fact that I truly aversion hot climate, however I sort of wouldn't fret on the grounds that my carport (because of the previous managers) is lined on both sides with exquisite blooms like these. I like driving past them regular on my approach to work, I additionally truly like driving past dairy animals brushing a couple of houses down and the goats a couple of more houses down.

Some of the time, I see unusual things when J and I leave for work (we work at the same place)...the other day we saw an old man remaining on his entryway patio waving a shotgun around - that is nation living. Furthermore no, I have no clue who he was waving the weapon at since there was nobody around at the time.

One of alternate things I'm enamored with is looking at the advancement of our neighbors flowerbeds/enclosures - I don't simply look at the dairy animals, goats, mutts and chickens that live in our 'hood, I like to take a gander at the greenery also. I generally need to stop and approach my neighbors for planting exhortation yet in the wake of seeing the old fellow waving a weapon at nothing, I'm not ceasing haphazardly to request guidance.