Tuesday, 13 March 2007


It seems to be more than spring time here - it's been in the upper 70s for the last couple days! I really like the first few really warm days - then it goes down hill and I hate the rest of the hot days.

Anyway, I made this little guy the other night. He's made from a felt sweater that I thrifted and the fabric is some that my mother-in-law gave me years ago. I think he's super cute, although the more I look at his orange eye, the more it disturbs me.

Never mind that mess behind him, that's my crafting/art area - it's not very big and tends to clutter up really easily and quickly!

I'll be vending at another craft fair soon - It's the Nolensville Women's Show on March 31. Should be fun. I'll be sharing a booth with Blonde and maybe her mom - those two are going crazy making purses out of neckties (her parents' house is like a tiepurse sweatshop). Anyway, if you're in the area you should come out and see us.